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Learning about the world and people is a lifelong study of the Self.


My studies of philosophy, history, literature, Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine and classical subjects of Vedanta (Yoga and Jyotish) or Vajrayana Buddhism, deepened my understanding of what constitutes "reality" being as much solid as it is a dance of opposing energies, internal and external. Internally, we do have some influence over our actions and reactions. In the external realm, however, we need to listen, understand and accept. In that respect, traditional stories, mythology, creative play, and spiritual practices have a significant role in understanding how we transform our understanding of "reality as energy" to be able to live a better life and manage change. My understanding of reality as energy helped me to learn how to balance the responsibilities and duties of my professional, personal and spiritual life I need to fulfill (my Dharma) with a need to have a more authentic, joyful, and creative life (Artha).


​My professional background in the for-profit and non-profit sectors in Europe and North America also prepared me uniquely to assist people on their work-oriented, "Dharma-driven" path. For example, attempts to create better options for work you do by articulating and integrating your life purpose and discovering that what you need is within your reach is one of the simple solutions to a better quality life.


People interested in this work come from all walks of life and various roles: we might be in entry-level (or dead!) jobs or be blue-collar workers, managers or executives, entrepreneurs or consultants, stay-at-home moms, social justice activists, caregivers, students, artists, artisans, academics, and anything in between. Sometimes, we need reflection and new direction amidst an intense personal growth phase' marked by external change such as divorce, widowhood, or an empty nest. Sometimes we need to simply reset strategies and temporarily pause our participation in the marketplace to pursue something fresh and new.

To have a space, time and opportunity to deepen our understanding of Self is a privilege and luxury that should not be taken lightly. It means not only that we have already made a courageous step forward to bring to light what is holding us back but that we might need to help others to do the same. To manage the "Self" more intelligently, persistently, if not compassionately means that the duty of life is to be lived and to be well managed. To manage life well means that we are making choices we will not regret, developing future-proof strategies, and committing to live lighter by finding and sharing joy in work, relationships and society.


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