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Is to promote the practical, usable applications of mythology, allegory, and classical subjects (such as Yoga, Vedanta, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda) in combination with theatre, storytelling, rituals and mindful reflections to help with widening perspective on life and work, cultivating a growth mindset, sensing the wonder in the world, and finding harmony within.



To contribute to a society where the four humanity "bottom lines" - meaning, integrity, ethics, compassion - are included with all human-to-human and human-to-technology interactions and design of services, products, and supply chains.

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COACHING and FACILITATION (Individuals, Teams, Organizations) 

  • Finding Wonder 

  • Mindful Executive

  • Leadership Skills for the Age of Disruption

  • Purpose at Work

  • Social Intrapreneurship

  • Change Management


  • Life Coaching - Life in Transition

  • Career Coaching

  • Retirement 

  • Relocation




RENEW are cohort-based, week-long Summer and Fall programs that combine holidays with coaching education and self-exploration while focusing on realistic and achievable goal setting.

Open to anyone interested in finding out how to better align with personal growth, change of habits, renewal of hope, optimism and increased energy we need to manage difficult times.


RENEWs take place in stunning natural settings, where the beauty of the outdoors will anchor and support your desired personal transformation. Participants are given ample opportunities to share learnings and strategies for growth and mutual support.

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Occasionally, we also plan and facilitate small events, conferences, and networking opportunities that provide participants with co-mentorship, peer-to-peer learning, and on-the-spot coaching opportunities.

Our structured, in-person courses (on hold until Summer 2024) are:

  • Leadership in the Age of Disruption Coaching   (8 weeks)

  • Finding Your Purpose (8 weeks)

  • My Intrapreneurial Self (4 weeks)

Mission and Vision
Our Services
  • By being thoroughly immersed and applying the ancient knowledge about human behaviour and motivation and the best practices and research from various contemporary fields of human psychology, pathology, and physiology to assist insight and self-reflection.

  • By offering and sharing what we found useful for our personal growth but by primarily following your lead and intuition. 

  • ​By creating a circle of friends and supporters (Kalyanamitra) who will support your commitments.

  • By maintaining meaningful and compassionate conversations and interactions situated in practical reality and limitations of material life and pursuance of social justice.

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