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Is a retreat-style, cohort-based, one-week educational holiday for individuals who desire to transform the quality of their work and life and explore and discover their purpose.


Typically, people attending RENEWs are interested in accelerated change and open to new ways of thinking, practicing, experimenting, engaging, and collaborating.


You will benefit from RENEW especially if you:

  • Feeling that you need to renew your commitments to yourself or discover a new set of goals,

  • Having a sense of urgency about aligning your passion and life mission with your current work, 

  • Wanting more freedom for yourself, both inside and outside of your current parameters (financial, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical)

  • Having the determination to discover ways of living more authentically 

  • Are willing, and open to learning and sharing skills, adopting new tools, and having new experiences.

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